Are You slowly destroying your expensive septic system?

Do you use antibacterial soaps, cleaners or bleach?
Every time you use these products they go down the drain into the septic system, killing the necessary type of bacteria that keeps your system functioning properly. You need 2430SB now!
2430SB works 24 hours a day and 30 days a month, for less than 35 cents a day.
Our research has shown, without a proper balance of various bacteria in your septic system, it can not function at peak performance. Solids such as organic waste, fats, grease, oils, proteins, starches, and tissues will not decompose properly. They start to fill the tank clogging both inlet and outlet pipes of your septic tank. Thicker effluent(gray water) clogs the distribution box and leaching field. Once the field has been plugged, you're destined for the backhoe thing (field replacement) costing thousands of  dollars! Just imagine you are a person with very high cholesterol and do not realize it. Your body is not breaking down the fats, grease and oils. Then one day your heart stops!  

Massachusetts Title V approved!
As seen on National TV!
Heard on "Money Pit", Home Improvement radio show!
: Plop and Relax!