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My Floorzyme-200
Everybody washes their floors, but is it really clean?
Remember how spotless your food preparation area was and now it's dull with built-up grease and grime?
You need My Floorzyme-200 Today!!!
My Floorzyme-200(MFZ-200) is a revolutionary bacterial enzymatic product that actually eats fats, oils, grease, organic food particles and converts it into harmless carbon dioxide and water. MFZ-200 keeps eating deep down into the cracks, crevasses, niches, grouting and pores of your floor & drains. MFZ-200's billion hungry microbes per gallon is ready-to-eat your built-up grease and grime. A combination of today's biodegradable cleaners with microbial activity continues to work on your floor until the organics or moisture is depleted. Research has shown that routine mopping is not sufficient to remove fats and greases from resturant floors. Rather, it actually redistributes it over the entire surface with a patina of greases that resists mopping and increases floor slipperiness. Trapped organics cause dirty grout and residual odors. MFZ-200 is the answer! You take pride in the quality, presentation, value of our product, and the general cleanliness of your establishment. Help to provide a safer work area with a cleaner floor. Now's the time to try My Floorzyme-200.
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