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Our riser covers are heavy-duty with structural rib reinforcements
for extra strength and are green in color for the best ultra violet ray
protection. The riser covers have two flush handles for easy lifting,
and a molded warning placard for all to see.

It's purpose is to allow best access to the septic tank for routine
maintenance; such as pumping and cleaning the tank.

They come in 20" and 24" diameter, and 6" height risers.
And also stackable to get above the ground.
The complete set would be a base,riser(how many you need), and cover (as shown in image)
Septic Tank Risers
Effluent Filter System
+  Automatic shut-off ball when filter is removed.

+  Comes complete with housing, no pipes or tees to buy.

+  Increases your filtration area by snapping filters together.

+  Fits 3" or 4" pipe, adapts to either septic tank wall
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