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+   Digests organic wastes, fats, grease, oils, protein, starch, cellulose,

+  Controls and eliminates organic odors * Fresh Herbal fragrance.

+  Keeps drains open and smooth flowing. * Fantastic for private septic

+  Non Toxic, Salmonella and Shigella free * Environmentally safe

+  Non-pathogenic (non-disease causing)

+  Contains no carcinogenic compounds, alkaline, acids, or caustic

+  Safe to use with all types of plumbing and grease traps

+  USDA and NSF approved * Safe for Humans and Pets

+  Ready to use proprietary bio-formulation designed specifically for
     difficult grease removal applications resulting in enhanced degradation
     in both aerobic and anaerobic environments.

+  Recommended for use with all public and private waste systems,
     including; septic systems, wastewater sumps, injection pits, and lift

+  550 Billion specially blended Bacillus spores per gallon

+  Positive effect on entire plumbing system and the environment.
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