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Use in any type of grease trap, sink drains, floor drains in connection with all kitchens, gourmet and fast food restaurants, cafeterias, nursing homes, schools, hospitals, airports, hotel and motels, function rooms, country clubs, colleges and universities, super market deli, produce and meat departments, institution, food processing plants, etc.

BIODREC-550 digests the organic waste in the drain lines and grease traps and converts it into harmless carbon dioxide and water. It also leaves a slight film on the inside of the pipes to accelerate and continue the degradation process.

Easy application just pour into the drain manually, or for more efficient system, We have an automatic injector system with a timer available to ensure consistent and programmed applications.

+      Conveniently sized in 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums

Smart business people realize the benefits of using our product for themselves, their property, as well as for environment. Dont wait.
Recommended Uses:
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