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How it works
In any application for bio-products, applications provide a "seeding" effect. That is, the microbes in the initial dosage grow to provide an ever-increasing population. Some of these microbes attach to surfaces in the trap or grease deposits where they continue to consume grease and organics converting them to carbon dioxide, water, and more bacteria. Some microbes are transferred from the grease trap with the effluent. Unlike with chemical products, "you get more than you pay for" since these microbes increase in numbers in the application.
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If you or your company handle grease and it goes down the drain, odds are that you need to keep hiring someone to snake your drains and pump out the grease trap. This is usually a costly and routine process. But with BIODREC-550, you pour this product down your drains and the bacteria will degrade your grease in your drains and grease trap. This bactericial make-up also eats other organic wastes, such as oils and fats. These bacteria have been selected from specific capabilities and then adapted to maximize those capabilities in the grease trap. So using BIODREC-550, you would be saving more money in the long run. The by-product is carbon dioxide and water.
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