2430SB: Plop and Relax
Massachusetts Title V approved!
As seen on National TV!
"NVC' Home Shopping Club
Heard on "Money Pit", Home Improvement radio show!
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Let 2430SB do the rest
2003-2015 Septic Technology :: 5 Blossom Road Plaistow, NH :: 603-382-2935
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+      Easy To Use - No Mixing

+      Pre-measured, self-disolving pouch

+      No Odor - Just Plop and Flush

+      Degrades Tissue, fats, oils, organic grease, and detergents

+      Created in the finest laboratory

+      Scientifically selected blend of natural bacteria

+      Environmentally safe

+      Safe to use on any septic systems

+      Reduces leach field organic overload

+      Eliminates organic stress, shock, and restores balance

+      Super concentrated - stronger than liquids

+      Billions of natural bacteria working around the clock

+      Keeps your system functioning properly

+      Convenient 3-month supply

+      Less than 35 cents a day!

+  +  +  It works!!!
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