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  1. Do not put anything into your system you havent eaten yet. Septic Systems work best on organics. 

  2. Do not use bleach or excessive anti-bacterial soaps and cleaners.

  3. Do not dump the salt brine from water softeners into the tank.

  4. Do not use a garbage disposable on your system. All this does is grind up food waste.

  5. Never wash your paint brushes into the sink. Latex paint does not dissolve.

  6. Never put egg shells in your system. This turns into grit, almost the same as putting sand into it.

  7. Do not build anything on top of your system. Decks, Patio's, Pools, and alike.

  8. Do not use your toilets as an ash tray.

  9. Do not throw your kitty litter into the toilet.

  10. Do not throw non organics into the system like condoms, femine products etc.