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2430SB: Plop and Relax
Let 2430SB do the rest
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What can I do?
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Just PLOP a pouch of 2430SB into your system once a month and relax! Billions of specially selected and blended bacteria start to work for you degrading the organic waste. 2430SB was created in the finest laboratory to work in all septic systems.
We all use all natural bacteria found in today's environment. But there are no caustic chemicals in our biogradable formula to harm your system or environment. 2430SB helps keep your septic system trouble-free by improving the natural bacteria stability. 2430SB provides extremely rapid system recovery while eliminating stress, shock, and offensive odors from organic build up. 2430SB degrades tissues, fats, oils, grease, and detergents, while reducing common leach field organic overloads. 2430SB is safe to use with all septic pits and lagoons. 
A three-month supply is only $29.95. Thats less than 35 cents a day for a peace of mind! If your not using2430SB in your system today...the backhoe could get you tomorrow.