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2430SB: Plop and Relax
Let 2430SB do the rest
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  1. Do You use 2430SB Monthly to keep your system healthy? Using 2430SB adds the needed bacteria and enzymes that help degrade and eat the oils fats grease, lint, and convert it to carbon dioxide and water.

  2. Do Inspect your system annually. Pop the Lid off your tank to see the levels is fine and the baffels are in place.

  3. Pump your tank as needed. This varies on usage, size and type of system. Remember pumping only empties the tank!! 2430SB treats the whole system!

  4. Locate and install risers over the access openings for the clean out and baffels.

  5. Do install a filter on the outlet baffel. This keeps the thick effulents in the tank.

  6. Locate and mark the distribution box. This is handy for inspection and field flow assesment.

  7. Convert the toilets to a low flush like a 1.6 gallon. Check the flapper on your current toilet, so its not continuing to run.

  8. Check all faucets to be sure they dont leak or drip. Running water can over load your system.

  9. Run your clothes washer discharge into a "wash sink" and install a lint trap. The lint you collect from your dryer also comes out of the wash. The lint creates a thicker effulent.

  10. Use 2430SB, it works 24 hrs a day 30 days a month.