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Nobody likes the nasty task of constantly cleaning the grease trap, so why do it if you dont have to? BIODREC-550 eats the organic liquids, oils, fats, grease, detergents, and guck. Then BIODREC-550 leaves a light film inside the surrounding environment to continually jump start the breakdown and digestion process creating a big benefit for your entire system!

BIODREC-550 is today's most advanced all natural, environmentally safe, Bio-treatment, for use with any commercial or industrial grease trap or slow running drain. UsingBIODREC-550 increases the efficiency of your system by dissolving, eating and solving your problem and not just moving it deeper down the drain to create another clog.

BIODREC-550 does not contain any caustic or harmful chemicals, and safe for all of your plumbing. Mechanical cleanings and harsh chemicals work only once, BIODREC-550 continually keeps working, and eliminates organic waste build ups. Neglecting your waste system is a common costly and messy mistake. BIODREC-550 is safe for all private septic or public systems, while improving wastewater compliance required by many local authorities.

Using BIODREC-550 demonstrates your commitment to our environment, by applying it into kitchen sinks, grease traps, garbage disposals, floor drains, and all waste systems.
How it works
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